Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Got a shabby shirt to spare?

Well g'day there.
I think it must be time for me to tell you a little about what to expect from one of the MüCKE shirt workshops.  So here's a scenario that may or may not work for you....

So you've got A SPARE SHIRT OR TWO:
Firstly, you'll need to bring these along to the workshop.  
You know, the ones that your boyfriend has had stuffed into the back of the cupboard and is never going to wear again.  Or that shirt your bought at the op shop that just hasn't managed fit in with the rest of your wardrobe.  In any case a shirt, a 'biggish' one, an old one, a mens one ideally, one that definitely doesn't fit you as it is, but one you can see would be just right with a bit of a makeover.

So, you'll organise a bunch of your buddies to spend the day, or even a weekend in the sumptuous village of Kyneton.  Book a bed and breakfast (there are a host to choose from)
Saturday morn, you catch the train down, early...there is a lot to fit in in Kyneton!
Peruse the numerous country op-shops.  Stroll down the famous Piper street and book a table at the inspirational Annie Smithers' Bistro.  Check out some of the finest bluestone buildings in Victoria.
Before ending up at Stockroom.  YES, this is your destination.  
You to rush to the workshop, a touch nervous but inspired by the fresh country air and historic surroundings!

You enter Stockroom.  A maze of incredible vintage finds and handmade goodies.  In fact, truth be told I may have to come and drag you away from Stockrooms extensive showcase, in order to begin the workshop. 
Do I need sewing experience I hear you ask?
Well no, I mean yes, I mean, not exactly.  You don't need to be a pro, but it would help a little if you've sewed  in highschool. Know what I mean?
So from there, I will show you the basics of turning your sad and unloved men's shirt, into a happy and super stylish ladies top. (I'm not giving away all those details just yet...)
But in the middle, no fear, we will have nibbles and chats to reflect on your progress so far. 
Yes you'll get to personalise your piece.  If you want to add stitches and tucks to your piece I'll help you make it work and if you want to add other detailing, I too will help you work it out.

We'll all put our new creations on and we'll have a little chat about how we think it went.  You'll give me some feedback and you'll leave with a small grin on your face, with some new friends and excited to have transformed your boyfriends/husbands/ OLD shirt into a brand NEW stunning ladies top! (see pic below)

Just one scenario. of a possible, well, few.

And, don't forget spaces are limited.  Only 5 participants per workshop means you'll get all the attention you need to complete your creation...if you book soon!

See ya, ellie

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