Monday, March 28, 2011

As promised...

Here's my artist statement as promised.  As it turns out, the show will be up for a week or so longer, so you've a bonus week or so to check it out, yipee!  Give Stockroom a call before you head up there, just to make sure they haven't spontaneously de-installed it!
"Fusing wit with style, the sculptural forms of my garments aim to tug at the edges of convention, challenging the way we wear cloth on the body. Influenced by the profound concepts of Japanese designers Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake, I strive to defy the concept of fast paced women’s fashion.  Jointly masculine and feminine, these current works represent a yearning to push beyond comfort zones.   To communicate, to question and to create connections with how we choose to wear clothing, in an entirely ‘wearable’ way.
Removing a panel of cloth and inserting another, sectioning and inverting the garment, parts of the new garment and instantly recognisable but not expected.  By challenging our perception of what it is to wear a man's shirt, the unspoken boundaries placed on wearing a garments begins to dissipate.  A change in how we view the clothing that we wear provides a subtle shift in the way we connect.  It alters the way in which we relate to our everyday environment and to others.

How do you choose to wear it?"  Ellie Mücke

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