Saturday, February 26, 2011

So I guess I should explain myself....

A lot of people have been asking exactly what will be involved in my jewellery fixing classes, so here's the low down.
Let me start by assuring you that no experience is necessary - it's all cold joining techniques we're dealing with here (not soldering precious metals); jump rings, glue, weaving, stringing, crimps and all that garb. There's definitely a knack to it, but that's what I'm here to teach you!
So what are we fixing? You'll bring along all your old jewellery and trinkets (broken or not) and we'll fix them or make new designs out of them so that we get them out of storage and back onto your body, where they should be. People normally leave with 2 - 5 new pieces of jewellery, depending on how many pieces you've bought along and how fast you work.
The main item we'll focus on making is the 'EG Collage Brooch Special'. Sounds special doesn't it? It is. So bring along all your favourite/not-so-favourite/down right ugly pieces (especially chain and pieces that can pin to your clothing) and we'll find a way to work them in to something amazing.
I'll supply the basics (mostly recycled from old jewellery) like brooch backs, wire, jump rings etc, as well as tea and bickies - but of course!
*Also* if you can prove to me you've caught public transport, ridden or walked to the class, then I'm going to reward your awesome ways with a 'egSquared' brooch worth $35!!
Happy travelling and I'll see you there.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Phew. We did it.

It was a mammoth week last week.  Designing, redesigning and redesigning and refining this blog for the show and finally deciding that it was time to tell all of  you out there about it.  And then we decided to change it all, again.  
Plus, we busily put together the flyer and posters, and then decide to change them also.
I think it was all worth it though.  What do you reckon?
We needed to make a plan of how to get you all to come and visit our show.  Sorted now.  We are convinced we will see you there.

Phew.  I'm glad that hurdle has been jumped.

  Just making.  Refining. Designing. Making, refining. Designing over the next few days.  that will be slightly more fun than the former, thankfully.  though, it does feel good to have gotten all of these things done so far.
Stay tuned for a bit more info on what to expect in Emma and my workshops and of course, feel free to contact us with your questions about the show/workshops.

Until then...
Ciao, ellie

Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to Wearit!

Photography- Tobias Titz, Hair and Makeup- Yvonne Borland, Styling- Anita Cummins, Model- Paige

Here's a little blurb about our show:

Young Melbourne designers, Emma Grace and Ellie Mücke invite you to be inspired by their novel approaches to making new from old.  Through the Wearit exhibition and workshops, the designers aim to facilitate a shift in the way that we consume fashion items.

You are invited to participate in a workshop, bringing along broken, un-loved and out of date jewellery and shirts to fix or re-create into something new and unique.  Simultaneously an exhibition of new works by Grace and Mücke will provide inspiration, challenge conventions and offer new perspectives.

Wearit is an opportunity to re-connect with community in a regional location and a forum to exchange skills, materials, thoughts and inspiration.  Together we can begin a mental and physical shift away from a ‘throw-away culture’. Come and visit Stockroom this March, and see how wearing the consequences of this shift can be truly inspirational. 

Wearit is a participant of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program 2011