Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last Chance.

So it's the last weekend of our little country retreat in Kyneton!  It'd be a shame to miss out on seeing the show if you're at all eager.  Fresh air, good food and sustainable jewellery and fashion, what more could you ask for!

From the top, left to right: 
Forwards Backwards Upside Down, by Ellie Mücke
Senorita, brooch, by Emma Grace
The New Power Generation, neckpiece, by Emma Grace
Study of Drapery in Gold, neckpiece, by Emma Grace
1+1= a jumpsuit, by Ellie Mücke
 Forwards Backwards Upside Down #2, by Ellie Mücke
When 2 becomes 1, by Ellie Mücke

Here's what Emma has to say about her creations:
"These jewellery pieces are the output of my most recent explorations into 'sustainable fashion'.  Creating for this exhibition has been like working through a puzzle.  I have come out the other side with as many questions as answers."

I'll be posting my artist statement for the show plus a couple more pics before the end of the weekend.  See you in Kyneton! 
see ya, ellie

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